1. dadsofficial:

    So apparently it’s a turnoff to yodel during sex?

    I especially like that it’s from “dadsofficial”. All our fathers run this account. All our mothers have had to deal with yodeling. 

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  2. fatallywhimsical:



    next time on: grey schools your ass on superhero history

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  3. fuglyselfie:

    "We Could Have Named The Song After A Part Of The Chorus But Fuck That" by Panic! at the Disco

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  4. popculturediedin2009:

    this is my favorite moment in american history

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  5. magwyn:

    *talks about u behind ur back but in a supportive way about how cool u are and how much i love u*

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  6. televisoin:


    why did authors stop naming their chapters i loved it when there was a clever little title for each chapter it was great


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